Grasses add depth and texture to the garden and your landscape projects. Mad About Plants can supply a range of ornamental and landscape grasses. Most effective planted in drifts, low maintenance and excellent for soil stabilisation.


Nothing says the tropics like a palm – lush, leafy and architectural. Many of our range of palms has been selected to survive as far south as Sydney.

Tropical Plants & Indoor Foliage

Lush tropical glossy leaves, many with striking variegation, and stunning flowers, such as our range of Gingers and Heliconias, form our Tropical & Indoor range. Plants for Green Walls or creating that urban tropical oasis, inside and outside your home, can be found in our large shade houses.

Rainforest and Street Trees

Located as we are on the edge of the World Heritage Wet Tropics, we have access to superb rainforest trees, with lush foliage and devastating flowers, complementing our street tree range, suitable for your landscape and development projects.


Our shrub range comes in all shapes, sizes and foliage colours. Small shrubs for front garden & borders, big bold colourful foliage and flowers for that classic Far North Queensland tropical look. Screening plants and hedging for your privacy also form part of this range.

Ground Covers

Mad About Plants ground cover range has been selected to survive in our Tropical Climate, with a range of functionality, foliage and colour to suit your needs.