Rainforest and Street Trees
Located as we are on the edge of the World Heritage Wet Tropics, we have access to superb rainforest trees, with lush foliage and devastating flowers, complementing our street tree range, suitable for your landscape and development projects.
Trees, in particular the rainforest species, are the heroes of our landscapes, with their often tall structure and imposing good looks. However, smaller trees can be just as beautiful in the right position – think Melicope rubra, Attractocarpus fitzalanii or Mimusops elengi. And, unlike southern areas most of the tropical trees are not deciduous.

As a species trees lend a lot to the environment and our urban areas. A well-positioned tree can shade and cool a house, and a row can create an amazing windbreak. Due to their carbon dioxide uptake they assist with climate variation and in urban areas or cities help reduce the “heat island” effect created by roads & buildings through shading and evaporative cooling.

Trees also assist our biodiversity, by bringing wildlife such as lizards, butterflies and birds into our environment. The aesthetic appeal of a well maintained and positioned tree cannot be overstated.

At Mad About Plants we have an extensive range of trees suitable for homes, parks, cityscapes and developments, and can work with a developer or Council to bring a premium tree to their project.

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