Tropical Plants & Indoor Foliage
Lush tropical glossy leaves, many with striking variegation, and stunning flowers, such as our range of Gingers and Heliconias, form our Tropical & Indoor range. Plants for Green Walls or creating that urban tropical oasis, inside and outside your home, can be found in our large shade houses.
With acres of shade houses Mad About Plants has the indoor plant market and tropical garden design well covered. Our shade houses are designed to protect and enhance the growth of these lush stunners, sending them into your environment in tip top condition.

A tropical garden usually has an element of shade to protect the sensitive foliage, but many large leaf varieties of plants can withstand your sunnier spots, creating a great understorey for your tropical favourites. With large leaves forming the background (heliconias, gingers, alocasias), and a multitude of colours and textures to enhance the foreground of your garden, or development entrance, you can’t go wrong with any of the plants from this range.

Indoor plants have come into their own once again since the arrival of Covid-19 and we have an utterly stunning range of foliage – colours, shapes & sizes. From the prettiest Calathea & Philodendron to the latest Caladium varieties, colour and leaf shape form the basis of our love for these plants. Research has shown that our oxygen quality and mental wellbeing are both enhanced with “house plants “ as our “house mates”, so contact us for our latest commercial availability to see what’s looking terrific.

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