Nothing says the tropics like a palm – lush, leafy and architectural. Many of our range of palms has been selected to survive as far south as Sydney.
The iconic palm tree, in all it’s forms, can be seen across the north of Australia and down to cooler areas of the country as well. As a stand alone specimen it can be majestic, and intermingled with your other tropical favourites the texture of the leaves and their colour really rule. Plant clumping varieties in small or large areas to reinforce the tropical look and you won’t be disappointed.

We have a huge range of palms, ranging from the single trunked smaller growing Veitchia merrilii (Manila Palm) to it’s tall mate Archontophoenix alexandrae Alexander Palm. Fan palms feature beautifully in the nursery too. Licuala ramsayii, the palm emblem of Cairns, along with Licuala grandis have gorgeous rounded fronds, split and mostly complete. Whilst the native Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail palm showcases its bushy curvaceous fronds and the stunning Cyrtostachys renda Lipstick palm with it’s hot red trunks both really say “you’re in the tropics now”.

To add to our extensive palm range we can also supply established ex-ground palms for your more prestigious project or development.

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