Our shrub range comes in all shapes, sizes and foliage colours. Small shrubs for front garden & borders, big bold colourful foliage and flowers for that classic Far North Queensland tropical look. Screening plants and hedging for your privacy also form part of this range.
Shrubs can form the backbone of a garden and we have been trialling what grows successfully in the tropics for a generation. Species that grow in southern climes may not survive our hot humid months, so rest assured our stock has a high chance of success in the right growing conditions.

This group of plants generally has a smaller growing habit than a tree, with woody multi-branched stems growing from above the ground. They can be extremely decorative, providing colour and texture variation, and beautiful flowers which can be scented, bunched or single (Hibiscus, Radermachera, Murraya, Tibouchina and Callistemon).

Shrubs can be planted on their own as a feature or massed along fences and often provide distinct “rooms” in a garden. They are used extensively as screens or hedges due to their often compact habits, clipped or left to their natural shapes. These diverse plants also provide terrific habitat for insects, bees and smaller birds.

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