Grasses add depth and texture to the garden and your landscape projects. Mad About Plants can supply a range of ornamental and landscape grasses. Most effective planted in drifts, low maintenance and excellent for soil stabilisation.

Ornamental grasses offer beautiful texture and grace to any garden or landscaping project. From small border plants, in-fill in rockeries or mass planted to form drifts, their often arching fine or strappy leaves complete the landscape palette. With colours ranging from burgundy & black through to golden & white, they really do tie the project together. The taller grasses form clumps that bring perennial gardens to life, with their mixture of height & form. Often with fine plumes or “knobby” leaf terminals for flowers, they provide food and habitat for many birds, insects and reptiles, increasing their attractiveness for the gardener or landscape designer.

Along with a terrific range of grasses – Pennisetums, Lomandras, Miscanthus, Liriopes, Ophiopogons, Dietes – Mad About Plants also supplies the market with Aquatic and Bog plants. These assist with water retention and filtering, where stagnant water may be an issue, and look terrific along the edges of ponds, creeks and water courses. Raised especially to thrive in wet margins theses species also provide colour and texture like their more traditional grass relatives – think of the fine blue leaves of Fimbristylis tetragona or the feathery Oenanthe javanica Rainbow Water Parsley.


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