Ground Covers
Mad About Plants ground cover range has been selected to survive in our Tropical Climate, with a range of functionality, foliage and colour to suit your needs.

Ground covers form an integral role in a landscape design, serving multiple purposes. They can hug the ground, cascade over a rock wall or fill in gaps, grow knee high or create a border, whilst still spreading to cover an area. Along with grasses, they form a structural textural display to increase interest, especially when planted enmasse. 

Functionally, ground covers assist with weed suppression (Sedum acre, Phyllanthus multiflorus), erosion control (Russelia, Pyrostegia vine), water retention and soil temperature control.

Decoratively, they often have lovely flowers, diverse foliage colour & texture – think Casuarina Cousin It – and sometimes a sweet scent. And don’t forget, they can look terrific in pots and planters.

Additionally, many vines help with coverage on the ground, as well as up a trellis, often putting down roots where the nodes touch the ground. Especially beautiful can be Russelia – Lemon Falls, Ruby & Tangerine Falls, Pryrostegia venusta Orange Trumpet Vine and Pandorea Bower of Beauty.

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